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GOING FOR THE GOLD: Sex Among Athletes


With the 2016 Olympic Games ongoing, it seemed only fitting that we write about something that relates to them. But of course, in true Primal Juice fashion, there is one particular aspect that we’d like to cover: sex before playing sports.


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SEX STATISTICS: How Do You Measure Up?

People have long succumbed to the need for conformity. A majority of people remain fixated on the trends when it comes to food, clothing, and activity, all in the pursuit of being seen as “normal”. But what’s really normal when it comes to sex? Are some people just naturally kinkier or more active than others? Are others simply more conservative or just generally lazier? Who has really set the standard norm when it comes to sexual activity and/or deviance?

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The Art of Self-Pleasure: Mastering Masturbation


Self-pleasure: Everyone deserves a little time to themselves every now and then. Whether it’s a whole week or a couple of minutes, everyone needs the bliss of just being in the moment with themselves and no one else. It may not be a common conversational topic, but everyone knows that one of the best things you can do when you get some alone time is to care for your own selfish needs. This, of course, includes the ability to explore your own body and pleasure yourself. You know your body better than anyone else ever will, but there’s always going to be room for improvement. Here are some of the best ways you can utilize that personal self-pleasure time and have the best solo orgasms EVER.


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Erections and Why They Happen


You know those severely inconvenient, awkward, random erections? These are the boners that seem to just pop up out of nowhere, with absolutely no warning whatsoever? We’re sure you do. Every guy has them. They’re part of a man’s everyday routine, and it’s a part that women will never be able to comprehend.

Studies have found that an average man has about 11 erections per day with several more at night. This is probably where the idea that a man’s package has a mind of its own comes from. But where DO they come from? Is there only one kind of erection? To cut the long story short: no. There are several different kinds and causes of erections. We’re here to help name them.

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ANAL SEX: The Whats, Whys and Hows


If you ever find yourself in a conversation about things people WON’T do sexually, then you’re probably going to hear the words anal sex in the mix. It’s a sexual act that has been closely linked to the homosexual male population, which probably resulted in its stigmatization. It has also been closely linked to some horrific stories of things going extremely wrong, but come on, let’s be honest and admit that everyone probably has his/her own sex disaster story that DIDN’T involve anal sex.

Of course, there also comes a question of whether or not it will be pleasurable. It is understood to have been opted by the gay community since it’s their only option for intercourse. However, what baffles the remaining population is how it would be beneficial to heterosexual couples, or women in general. Sure, it’s been present in pornographic material for ages, but is it really any good? And is it worth it?


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Your sex drive: Upon asking people why they have sex, you’re most probably going to get one of three responses: “to express my love for my partner”, “to have children”, or most commonly, “to feel good”. These three answers reflect the three major purposes of sex, so it’s not strange to have these be the most common responses. Sex has always been viewed as an act of passion between lovers and is of course, scientifically viewed to be the reason why most species copulate. But when taken from a scientific standpoint, the pleasure of sexual activity is (or was, rather) a human expression.
Of course the physiological explanation of human sexual pleasure has long been found, considering the abundance of sensory receptors found in the human genitalia. However, when taken from an evolutionary perspective, it can be said that copulating for pleasure is a strange phenomenon. But how strange is it? Are humans really the only species to experience pleasure in sex? Or more specifically, are humans the only species to have sex, simply because it feels good?

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PRE-CUM: Should I Be Worried About It?

Most sexually active adults have probably realized that unprotected sex can be leaps and bounds more pleasurable than sex with a condom on. However, aside from the risk of infection (especially if it’s with someone you don’t know), one runs the risk of untimely insemination. While withdrawal has been a method practiced for generations, many people still argue that it is ineffective. Its invalidity is widely credited to one specific thing: pre-cum.
Pre-cum is something that sexually active people should be well-acquainted with. In the same way that women produce a slippery fluid when they get sexually aroused, so do men produce a clear fluid at the base of the penis during erections. However, pre-cum isn’t meant to stand as lubrication, considering that it usually only appears in small amounts and is much stickier than you’d want lubricant to be. So what is it then? What does it do? And most importantly, can it cause pregnancy? Let’s find out.

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SQUIRTING: What Is It, Really?

If you’ve been around enough, or watched enough pornographic material, then you’ve probably heard about squirting. It is known to be the act of a woman discharging relatively large amounts of clear fluid from the urethra during coitus or upon achieving orgasm, considered she has been stimulated in the proper areas. Because of its nature, it has been nicknamed as female ejaculation.
It has been believed that a majority of women are unable to perform squirting. However, based on the newest research conducted in the field, it has been determined that all women are anatomically equipped to handle and perform it. If this is so, then why haven’t more women experienced it? Another more pressing question also stands to be answered: what is it made of?

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PROSTATE MASSAGES: Hitting The Male G-Spot

When it comes to hitting the “right spot”, focus is always drawn to the female anatomy. The topic constantly revolves around the woman’s clitoris or G-spot. But when are men going to get the same attention? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time: because the male G-spot is located in an area that is generally considered to be taboo by a majority of straight and even some gay men. The sexual sweet spot of a man is his prostate gland.
For those who aren’t quite familiar with the male reproductive system, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. It is responsible for secreting fluid that both nourishes and protects sperm (which explains why sperm is released in liquid form). While it is impossible to access the prostate directly without performing surgery, it is possible to stimulate the prostate by reaching into the anus and curling the finger into a form that is also associated with reaching the female G-spot.
While this method may appear immensely invasive for many, the benefits very much outweigh the stigma. Prostate massages have been known to release enormous amounts of physical and emotional stress. They have also been credited with numerous health benefits including the improvement of prostate health. In addition, when paired with the physical stimulation of the penis, prostate massages create intense physical pleasure, resulting in incomparably powerful orgasms. But why does it feel so good? Let’s find out.

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SHOULD YOU SNIP THE TIP?: A Quick Look At Circumcision

Possibly one of the first things a woman will notice about a man’s deal will be whether he’s circumcised or not. The more publically recognized image of a penis is presented to be circumcised, thus leaving the non-snipped feeling a little bit strange and/or insecure. Circumcisions have become such generalized ideas that some of the more underexposed people may even fail to recognize that men are born with foreskins. But what’s the story behind it all? Is it a necessity? Or simply just an over advertised trend?

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