SHOULD YOU SNIP THE TIP?: A Quick Look At Circumcision

Possibly one of the first things a woman will notice about a man’s deal will be whether he’s circumcised or not. The more publically recognized image of a penis is presented to be circumcised, thus leaving the non-snipped feeling a little bit strange and/or insecure. Circumcisions have become such generalized ideas that some of the more underexposed people may even fail to recognize that men are born with foreskins. But what’s the story behind it all? Is it a necessity? Or simply just an over advertised trend?

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Friends With Benefits: Does It Work?

It’s a relationship that’s been played in movies, TV shows and various forms of music. This originally American idea has spread to neighboring countries and has since captured the entire world. It’s a deal that sounds interesting and stress-free at the beginning, but rings with an eminent ticking time bomb feel. A partnership that deals with no commitment, no emotions, just sex: FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.
The terms “FWB” and “FuBu” have become increasingly popular due to the success of Hollywood’s portrayal of frequent casual sex with a partner. The terms themselves contain generally positive connotations, making them seem like good ideas. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sexual privileges of a steady partner, without having to give up your single life?

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WHAT TURNS YOU ON?: Differentiating The Main Arousal Types

If you’ve met enough people and had enough sexual encounters, then you’ve probably figured this out: no two people are exactly alike when it comes to sex. All the confusing talks about sexual orientations, sexualities and fetishes all boil down to one thing, arousal. In actuality, we all differ in aspects of sexual arousal. This basically means that we all get turned on by different things. While many get aroused by what is perceived to be commonly arousing, others may get a rush from things that seem strange and unusual to the general population.
There’s no way of knowing arousal type from the get-go. It’s more of a “you’ll know it when you see it (or feel it)” kind of thing. There is no proven way of predicting or conditioning your sexual arousal, but there is a general pattern for four different categories of sexual arousal. Of course, as with anything in behavior, there is a stereotypical idea of what is more common to men or women, but it still boils down to the nature on nurture argument that puts together genetics and perceived experiences.

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Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vaginas

It’s one of life’s greatest secrets; a mystery that has long stumped the male population. It is an elaborate, delicate, and intricate part of the female body that seems to outclass its male counterpart in every way: the vagina. With all of its nooks, crannies, functions and flaws, it is a true wonder that no ordinary man can claim to completely understand. However, in hopes of spreading some enlightenment regarding this natural wonder of the world, we’ve got some of the vagina facts that will both enlighten and amaze you.

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INS AND OUTS: The Sexual Response Cycle In A Nutshell

Ever since the first talk about the birds and the bees at home or the first Sex Ed class in school, people have been given a general idea about how sex works. It’s always simply put into terms such as “fuzzy feelings” or “strange urges”. When taken at its most basic form, sex generally does involve some strange sensations. But how well do you really know sex, its processes and effects? How well do you understand the sexual response cycle?

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WHEN YOU JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH: A Look At Sexual Addiction

SEX – a somewhat sensitive topic, depending on who you’re talking to. It is seen differently in different countries, cultures and periods of time. Some revere it to be sacred. Others see it as a form of expression or something magical, natural, and essential. But to others still, it is considered to be the world’s greatest drug: one with a high that no other form of intoxication can even compare to. This is the world of sex addiction.

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PARTNER PLAY TIME: The Advantages of Sex Toys for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys don’t have to be limited to personal use. While they may be well-known for significantly improving masturbation, they have also been known for providing some incredible improvements to the sex lives of couples as well.
Here are some great ways for improving bedroom time with your partner with the help of sex toys.

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MAKE IT WET AND WILD: Choosing The Best Lubricant For You

If you ask any sex store what their customers believe increases their sexual satisfaction, chances are, they will probably give you the same answer: LUBRICANT. Much of the dissatisfaction felt during sex has to do with the amount of natural lubrication. Things can get dry, sticky and uncomfortable, and those are always ways of losing interest in general. Regardless of whether they’re using it for partnered sex or solo performances with their favorite sex toys, lubing up is the secret to getting off in the best way possible.
However, since lubricant is something that more conservative people may not be well-acquainted with, there may be a slight struggle with picking out the best kind (yes, there is more than one kind of lube). To help out, here’s a quick guide to the different kinds of lubricant to help you figure out which one will best suit your needs.

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GET OUT OF THE BEDROOM: The Best Places In The House To Have Sex

In sex, as with long-term relationship, the keys to happiness are exploration, variety, and openness. Admittedly, no matter how good it might have been the first few times, repetition can get boring. One of the greatest joys of sex is the abundance of adaptable sex positions and potential locations.
While some may choose to dive into more daring feats such as sex in public, more conservative people can still find ways to spice up their sex lives by finding spots outside of their bedrooms. If you’re looking to spark the fire in your sex life, simply looking for a new thrill, or testing the waters in preparation for bigger things, here’s a quick list of great places to have sex (while still staying within legal boundaries).

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The Benefits That Come With Masturbation

Everyone always tells you that it’s healthy to maintain a good sexual relationship with yourself. As coy as some people may present themselves to be, it’s no big secret that people engage in self gratification, especially when they’re single. Seeing as how sexual activity is one of human beings’ most primal needs, it should come as no surprise that people would want to seek the quickest and most easily accessible means of satisfaction. However, what many people fail to realize is that masturbation can actually be highly beneficial in several other aspects of health and sexuality. Here are a few key benefits to consider.

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