Reawaken The Beast: Tips to Improve Your Sexual Appetite

There is only one thing responsible for your libido: Testosterone. If you’ve been finding yourself too busy, too tired, or even too distracted to have sex, then your sex drive may be in need of some testosterone boosting activities. Low levels of testosterone are not only responsible for weak sexual drives; it can also be the culprit in several mood issues, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and bone fractions. Furthermore, studies have shown that men with testosterone deficiencies have higher mortality rates than men with normal testosterone levels.

When we say that boosting testosterone is a much needed solution, we’re not talking about taking supplements or hormonal therapies. We’re talking about natural, risk-free ways of raising your testosterone levels and unleashing the beast that may be lying dormant inside of you. Here are a few natural methods for raising your waning T levels.

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Turn Up The Mood Music: The Benefits of Playing Beats in The Bedroom

It’s something that you may think is a simple matter of preference: an age old question that has withstood the tests of time. It’s a debate that has rocked the world of friends and couples alike. Is it better or worse to listen to music during sex?


Now, obviously, sex has been one of art and music’s favorite subjects. From ancient times of ritualistic songs for childbearing, to whatever might be the dirtiest, most explicit R&B songs of this generation, songs about doing the deed always elicit the most powerful of human responses. And while these songs do very well at gaining popularity, the question still stands: do these songs actually improve the experience of sex?


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Crazy Ancient Sex Facts: How Your Ancestors May Have Been Kinkier Than You


Parents and grandparents are always going on about how much the times have changed. They always seem to comment on how children are so sexually deviant and promiscuous nowadays. Well, the truth is that practically none of the “new” sex trends are new at all! Check out this list of bizarre ways the ancients got it on.


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Every guy (and girl for that matter) has fantasized about some sweet, sweet loving between two frisky females. But somewhere along the lines, people often get confused over the what’s, where’s, and how’s of it all. Obviously, lesbian sex has been widely depicted in porn as an explosion of scissoring, long nails, and sloppy licking. Seeing as how that brand of lesbian sex is one of the most popularly searched genres in porn, it’s not surprising that the general population carries that common misconception.

What most people may fail to realize is that lesbian sex can work in a number of different ways, just like hetero sex. It’s true, toys like dildos and straps make for great additions for some lady lovers, but most of the time it lies in some pretty standard stuff. Here are a few common lesbian sex practices that exist in actual girl-on-girl relationships.

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Naughty, Naughty Girl: The Top Female Sexual Fantasies


Girls may not always be vocal or expressive about it, but they’ve all got their own steamy little secret desires. As conservative as she may appear to be, she’s still a human being with the same needs, urges, and hyperactive imagination, so her having a sexual fantasy is all but uncommon. These fantasies are, unsurprisingly, usually related to something naughty or taboo (in a sense). It’s no wonder why women are usually likened to cats: mysterious and mischievous. It seems even the tamest of domestics still has a primal dark side to her.


Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying that all women fantasize about the same things. I’m simply stating that all women have their own personal fetishes, as with all men. However, the trick lies in figuring out what makes your girl weak in the knees. If she’s not as open and honest as you’d want her to be, you might want a little help. So we’re giving you four of the top female sexual fantasies. We might just hit the spot (if you know what we mean).


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Ditch These Don’ts: The Worst Things Couples Do After Sex

It’s often been said: If a relationship were an ice cream sundae, then sex would be the cherry on top. That might be true, but then what makes the syrup, sprinkles and other toppings?


It’s clear what is most important during couples’ time in the sack. You kiss, play, and finish with a bang. Then after all the whistles and bells, you fall back with your feet on the ground and return to the normal world. What we don’t realize is that this is only true in the world of hook-ups. In the relationship game, these seemingly small activities we commonly do after sex may be putting added strain on the relationship itself. Here’s a list of practices after sex that must be brought to an immediate halt!


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Being Good at Being Bad: The Enigmatic Appeal of BDSM

Along with the disappearance of stigma regarding homosexuality and transgenderism, today’s pop culture has unravelled the curtains to another sexual venture: BDSM. As it is so widely depicted in today’s music, movies and print, the practice of BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission, Masochism) has gained much more awareness and popularity, especially among the younger generation. Though this practice is by no means new, it is only now receiving adequate exposure and explanation. However extensive its exposure may be, the question still remains: What makes it so appealing?


At first glance, the practice of BDSM may not seem normal. It is often interpreted as violent behavior that resulted from some kind of traumatic experience. Historically, it was even considered to be a psychological disorder – medically treated as an illness. Obviously, the initial impression of pain would emit a negative response. But along with the initial repulsion comes waves of curiosity and carnal fascination.


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The Coolidge Effect: Why We Can’t Help But Look the Other Way


More often than admitted, men look at other women despite them being in a stable relationship. This isn’t necessarily limited to (though definitely includes) looking at women encountered in daily life and fantasizing about them. This also includes the discrete, yet completely natural, practice of viewing print and electronic pornographic material. It’s simply explained through the cliché saying “boys will be boys”. But is it really limited to men and as simple as that or is there an actual scientific explanation to it all?


As observed in nature, male animals are sexually driven by the proximate availability of an available mate. You’ve probably noticed how male dogs go crazy following around a female in heat. You’ve also probably observed how female dogs that are in heat wander openly and willingly around desperate males that are aching to get their way. This biological response is a natural effect brought about by the presence of hormones and pheromones. However, studies have found that it can be even more deeply explored and explained.


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Shedding Light on a Small Secret: The Mysteries of the Micropenis


Perhaps one of some men’s deepest, darkest, most closely hidden secrets is one that concerns his “little” member. As common as it might be (about one in every 200 born males), the term “Micropenis” is not one that comes familiar to most. However, it is a harsh reality for 0.5% of all men out there. But as it is, it really shouldn’t be approached with shame or perversion. It’s a common, completely natural occurrence that should not be met with any forms of judgement or indifference. Here’s a quick read that hopes to shed light on this confounding phenomenon.


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Toys Aren’t Just for Kids


As today’s culture evolves, much of the stigma that once accompanied “taboo” topics and practices have begun to disappear. Consider topics such as homosexuality, open marriage, or sexual fluidity. The levels of tolerance and understanding have been exponentially boosted with the emergence of the new generation. This culture of acceptance has included the understanding of the benefits that accompany these so called “strange” practices.


One of these “hush-hush” topics is obviously sex. With more and more studies being conducted about the benefits and alternative ways of having sex, the evolution of sexual practices has also brought to light the importance of the use of sex toys. As kinky as they may sound or as vulgar as they may be presented in the adult film industry, the use of these handy little devices actually comes with a bounty of benefits for both individuals and couples alike. Here are a few that are worth mentioning.


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