SEXERCISE (Feel Good to Look Good)


Sex has long been referred to as “the best cardio workout”. However, you probably don’t realize just how much of a workout it is since you feel more than relaxed afterwards. But considering the amount of pushing, pumping and thrusting, accompanied by dripping sweat and heavy breaths, it really does deserve the widely-known title. Because it’s an awesome combination of work and play, more and more fitness specialists are promoting active sex as an enjoyable, but effective form of exercise. Taking a more tangible view, sex is more than just a great cardio workout. Here are a few of the most popular sexual positions and the workouts that come with them.


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When Girls Kiss Girls: Why People Love Lesbian Porn

Not to generalize the entire porn watching population, but it’s pretty safe to say that lesbian porn is one of the most popular genres in the adult film industry. Whether it be two college girls having some fun at a party, or a group of professional female pornstars putting on a grand erotic show for the cameras, people love witnessing the flesh-on-flesh, tongue-on-clit action between flawless females.


Though it’s probably not everyone’s favorite, an extensive survey conducted by PornHub in 2015 revealed that the term “lesbian” proved to be the most searched term on their site. This stood true among male and female viewers alike. But what makes it so appealing? Is it simply caused by the performance of beautiful girls? Is it the idea of them being so casual and adventurous? Or is there a deeper psychological implication to it? Here are a few of our insights.


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Blow Her Mind Every Time

The female orgasm is a mystery than many men have dared to solve, but only few have actually found. Surely, when fuelled by a singular need for personal satisfaction, getting your girl off is going to be practically impossible. However, hope is not lost. We at Primal Juice offer you a few key things to consider the next time you try and get your girl to the big O.


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Quick Fixes for Long Distance Lovers


Being far apart can really put a damper on your sexual appetite. But maybe these tips and tricks can rekindle the fire, even from a distance.


With today’s development and advancement of technology, the progression of long distance relationships’ success has made significant leaps and bounds. However, despite the instant availability of communication, and the simplified methods of sharing experiences with your far away significant other, one thing still poses a serious threat: sex.


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A New Era of Erotica

There comes a point in every relationship, where the sex life simply dwindles. Everything once exciting, becomes boring and predictable. Foreplay becomes choreplay, and what once was a loud, screaming orgasm, now becomes a subtle “oh”.


Years ago, solutions to overcome this predicament barely existed. You would then hear the commonly told tales of adulterous affairs, just to get more out of their sex lives, and tragically, this breaks relationships. We cannot really pin the blame on anyone, as the desire to mate is but an innate trait of being an animal, and when you strip that from us, well, we will go crazy. What then? Should we just let this scenario be a part of our lives? Are we destined for this?


Not in this day and age.


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Vitamin Sex

Let’s all be completely honest here. We all love sex, whatever kind, to each his or her own. Now, we all know that sex brings to us immense pleasure and we all look forward to that big “O”.


What if I told you that sexual intercourse brings to you a benefit far more crucial than pleasure alone? I’m talking about your health!


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Get Her Begging For More!


Men – an interestingly easily satisfied bunch. We don’t need much stimulation to get in the mood. We don’t even need to get in the mood, in all honesty. We are a perma-horny bunch, walking around with our 24/7 strong libido, prying lusty eyes on any female we find. It’s not that hard to please us.


Women though, are a tougher nut to crack. Countless men have encountered females, where they would rather attempt cracking into the NSA database than go down on. Let’s face it, cunninglingus is a tough business. Providing the right oral stimulation for your lady partner is akin to defusing a C4 bomb with a pair of tweezers.

Thankfully, and hopefully, this article will help all you brothers out.


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Mindful Sex: The New Hot and Steamy


Looking to spice up your sex life? Maybe slow and sensual is the new way to go.


Despite the generation’s vast exploration of sex and sexual activity, the achievement of partner satisfaction is still one that eludes many of today’s sexually active individuals. However, contrary to the idea of thoughtless, animalistic sex that has been so widely popularized by today’s Pop Culture, experts have found reasons to believe that the key to truly satisfying sex is actually mindfulness.


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Does Bigger Really Mean Better?


You’ve heard the old saying: “size doesn’t matter”, but how much truth is there in that?


The average erect penis size in adult males has been identified to be about 5.5–6.3 inches in length and about 4.7-5.1 inches in girth. But is having an above average penis size really something to brag about? For decades, the generally accepted answer has been a resounding no. It was widely believed that size had nothing to do with the sexual arousal, satisfaction and gratification of women. However, several studies have been conducted in the pursuit of a scientifically sound answer to the question, is size really everything?

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