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Articles explaining some of the sexiest curious and mysterious phenomena

GOING FOR THE GOLD: Sex Among Athletes


With the 2016 Olympic Games ongoing, it seemed only fitting that we write about something that relates to them. But of course, in true Primal Juice fashion, there is one particular aspect that we’d like to cover: sex before playing sports.


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SEX STATISTICS: How Do You Measure Up?

People have long succumbed to the need for conformity. A majority of people remain fixated on the trends when it comes to food, clothing, and activity, all in the pursuit of being seen as “normal”. But what’s really normal when it comes to sex? Are some people just naturally kinkier or more active than others? Are others simply more conservative or just generally lazier? Who has really set the standard norm when it comes to sexual activity and/or deviance?

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Your sex drive: Upon asking people why they have sex, you’re most probably going to get one of three responses: “to express my love for my partner”, “to have children”, or most commonly, “to feel good”. These three answers reflect the three major purposes of sex, so it’s not strange to have these be the most common responses. Sex has always been viewed as an act of passion between lovers and is of course, scientifically viewed to be the reason why most species copulate. But when taken from a scientific standpoint, the pleasure of sexual activity is (or was, rather) a human expression.
Of course the physiological explanation of human sexual pleasure has long been found, considering the abundance of sensory receptors found in the human genitalia. However, when taken from an evolutionary perspective, it can be said that copulating for pleasure is a strange phenomenon. But how strange is it? Are humans really the only species to experience pleasure in sex? Or more specifically, are humans the only species to have sex, simply because it feels good?

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INS AND OUTS: The Sexual Response Cycle In A Nutshell

Ever since the first talk about the birds and the bees at home or the first Sex Ed class in school, people have been given a general idea about how sex works. It’s always simply put into terms such as “fuzzy feelings” or “strange urges”. When taken at its most basic form, sex generally does involve some strange sensations. But how well do you really know sex, its processes and effects? How well do you understand the sexual response cycle?

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WHEN YOU JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH: A Look At Sexual Addiction

SEX – a somewhat sensitive topic, depending on who you’re talking to. It is seen differently in different countries, cultures and periods of time. Some revere it to be sacred. Others see it as a form of expression or something magical, natural, and essential. But to others still, it is considered to be the world’s greatest drug: one with a high that no other form of intoxication can even compare to. This is the world of sex addiction.

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The Most Common Sexual Fetishes: “Taboo” Truths


Fetishes are defined as forms of sexual desire in which gratification are linked to abnormal degrees to particular objects, items of clothing, parts of the body, etc. In short, it’s a strange sexual attraction to something which the majority deems strange or different. Despite the term being largely viewed as an abnormal behavior, or something that could easily come as a mood-killing turn off, sexual fetishes are actually more common than you may think.
In many cases, fetishes are things that could easily be incorporated into people’s daily lives. Couples can even come to kinds of compromise to incorporate some of these into their bedrooms. Your “abnormal” fetish may not be as uncommon as you think. Check out our list of some of the most common fetishes.

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The Science Behind Kissing: Why We Want To Lock Lips


Ingrid Bergman once said, “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” Indeed, kissing does offer a different kind of sensation that stimulates the human body in ways only kissing can. The more sensual the kiss, the deeper the connection, the more heightened the sensation can become. But what causes this sensation? What causes the urge in people to mark intimacy with locking lips and entwining tongues? As with almost anything in the world, this sensation can be thoroughly explained with the help of science and psychology.

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SEXUAL ORIENTATION: How Love is Still Love

The beauty of the 21st Century rests in the broadening of people’s minds. Apart from the legalization of same-sex marriages and the widened awareness for the transgender community, came the rise of other, more discrete sexual orientations and identities. However, many of these sexual orientations still remain to be enigmas for many. That’s why we’ve decided to write up on these, so that those with recently unheard voices can be brought into the spotlight.

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Sex in Advertising: Does It Really Sell?


We all have our favorite commercials. Sure, they can get to be a little annoying especially when they come in between us and crucial television moments, but then again some of them become guilty pleasures. While some ads get you hooked on their catchy jingles, strong slogans, and witty jokes, one particular marketing strategy appeals to one of man’s most primal instincts: SEX.

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HISTORY OF SEX TOYS: They’re Not All That New

As kinky as the new age of erotica may seem, it turns out this generation isn’t as revolutionary as it thinks. It turns out, sex toys have resounded all throughout the course of history, even dating back to ancient civilizations. Sure, these sexy accessories weren’t as functional or as easy to come by, but they definitely still served the same purpose. Let’s take a look at how some of our favorite solo/partner-playtime tools came to be what they are today.

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