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A few lists and descriptions for different solo and partner play activities to tickle your fancy

ANAL SEX: The Whats, Whys and Hows


If you ever find yourself in a conversation about things people WON’T do sexually, then you’re probably going to hear the words anal sex in the mix. It’s a sexual act that has been closely linked to the homosexual male population, which probably resulted in its stigmatization. It has also been closely linked to some horrific stories of things going extremely wrong, but come on, let’s be honest and admit that everyone probably has his/her own sex disaster story that DIDN’T involve anal sex.

Of course, there also comes a question of whether or not it will be pleasurable. It is understood to have been opted by the gay community since it’s their only option for intercourse. However, what baffles the remaining population is how it would be beneficial to heterosexual couples, or women in general. Sure, it’s been present in pornographic material for ages, but is it really any good? And is it worth it?


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PRE-CUM: Should I Be Worried About It?

Most sexually active adults have probably realized that unprotected sex can be leaps and bounds more pleasurable than sex with a condom on. However, aside from the risk of infection (especially if it’s with someone you don’t know), one runs the risk of untimely insemination. While withdrawal has been a method practiced for generations, many people still argue that it is ineffective. Its invalidity is widely credited to one specific thing: pre-cum.
Pre-cum is something that sexually active people should be well-acquainted with. In the same way that women produce a slippery fluid when they get sexually aroused, so do men produce a clear fluid at the base of the penis during erections. However, pre-cum isn’t meant to stand as lubrication, considering that it usually only appears in small amounts and is much stickier than you’d want lubricant to be. So what is it then? What does it do? And most importantly, can it cause pregnancy? Let’s find out.

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PROSTATE MASSAGES: Hitting The Male G-Spot

When it comes to hitting the “right spot”, focus is always drawn to the female anatomy. The topic constantly revolves around the woman’s clitoris or G-spot. But when are men going to get the same attention? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time: because the male G-spot is located in an area that is generally considered to be taboo by a majority of straight and even some gay men. The sexual sweet spot of a man is his prostate gland.
For those who aren’t quite familiar with the male reproductive system, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. It is responsible for secreting fluid that both nourishes and protects sperm (which explains why sperm is released in liquid form). While it is impossible to access the prostate directly without performing surgery, it is possible to stimulate the prostate by reaching into the anus and curling the finger into a form that is also associated with reaching the female G-spot.
While this method may appear immensely invasive for many, the benefits very much outweigh the stigma. Prostate massages have been known to release enormous amounts of physical and emotional stress. They have also been credited with numerous health benefits including the improvement of prostate health. In addition, when paired with the physical stimulation of the penis, prostate massages create intense physical pleasure, resulting in incomparably powerful orgasms. But why does it feel so good? Let’s find out.

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SHOULD YOU SNIP THE TIP?: A Quick Look At Circumcision

Possibly one of the first things a woman will notice about a man’s deal will be whether he’s circumcised or not. The more publically recognized image of a penis is presented to be circumcised, thus leaving the non-snipped feeling a little bit strange and/or insecure. Circumcisions have become such generalized ideas that some of the more underexposed people may even fail to recognize that men are born with foreskins. But what’s the story behind it all? Is it a necessity? Or simply just an over advertised trend?

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PARTNER PLAY TIME: The Advantages of Sex Toys for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys don’t have to be limited to personal use. While they may be well-known for significantly improving masturbation, they have also been known for providing some incredible improvements to the sex lives of couples as well.
Here are some great ways for improving bedroom time with your partner with the help of sex toys.

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MAKE IT WET AND WILD: Choosing The Best Lubricant For You

If you ask any sex store what their customers believe increases their sexual satisfaction, chances are, they will probably give you the same answer: LUBRICANT. Much of the dissatisfaction felt during sex has to do with the amount of natural lubrication. Things can get dry, sticky and uncomfortable, and those are always ways of losing interest in general. Regardless of whether they’re using it for partnered sex or solo performances with their favorite sex toys, lubing up is the secret to getting off in the best way possible.
However, since lubricant is something that more conservative people may not be well-acquainted with, there may be a slight struggle with picking out the best kind (yes, there is more than one kind of lube). To help out, here’s a quick guide to the different kinds of lubricant to help you figure out which one will best suit your needs.

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GET OUT OF THE BEDROOM: The Best Places In The House To Have Sex

In sex, as with long-term relationship, the keys to happiness are exploration, variety, and openness. Admittedly, no matter how good it might have been the first few times, repetition can get boring. One of the greatest joys of sex is the abundance of adaptable sex positions and potential locations.
While some may choose to dive into more daring feats such as sex in public, more conservative people can still find ways to spice up their sex lives by finding spots outside of their bedrooms. If you’re looking to spark the fire in your sex life, simply looking for a new thrill, or testing the waters in preparation for bigger things, here’s a quick list of great places to have sex (while still staying within legal boundaries).

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The Benefits That Come With Masturbation

Everyone always tells you that it’s healthy to maintain a good sexual relationship with yourself. As coy as some people may present themselves to be, it’s no big secret that people engage in self gratification, especially when they’re single. Seeing as how sexual activity is one of human beings’ most primal needs, it should come as no surprise that people would want to seek the quickest and most easily accessible means of satisfaction. However, what many people fail to realize is that masturbation can actually be highly beneficial in several other aspects of health and sexuality. Here are a few key benefits to consider.

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BLOW LIKE A PRO: Tips to Give Him the Best Blowjob

You probably think that every guy will simply love the mere fact that you’d be willing to go down on him. While that might be sort of true, good intentions don’t nearly make up for improper execution. When it comes to an old fashioned blowey, it’s usually quality over quantity and high quality blows are becoming exceedingly hard to come by. That’s where this article comes in handy. Here are a few key tips to giving him an oral experience that will definitely leave him desperate for more.

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PERIOD SEX: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try


Alright, let’s be honest. Maybe one of the most highly stigmatized sexual activities involves having a threesome with your girl and her Aunt Flo. Just to be crystal clear, we’re talking about having sex with a girl during her menstruation. It’s an overly exaggerated bloody experience that most guys absolutely dread, but girls might actually be aching for.

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