The Art of Self-Pleasure: Mastering Masturbation


Self-pleasure: Everyone deserves a little time to themselves every now and then. Whether it’s a whole week or a couple of minutes, everyone needs the bliss of just being in the moment with themselves and no one else. It may not be a common conversational topic, but everyone knows that one of the best things you can do when you get some alone time is to care for your own selfish needs. This, of course, includes the ability to explore your own body and pleasure yourself. You know your body better than anyone else ever will, but there’s always going to be room for improvement. Here are some of the best ways you can utilize that personal self-pleasure time and have the best solo orgasms EVER.


After writing a whole other article on this very topic, we cannot over emphasize the importance of proper lubrication when it comes to any kind of genital stimulation. Not only will it improve speed and mobility, it will also make it so much easier to achieve amazing orgasms.


As awkward as it might sound, and as it may sound, nipplegasms are a real thing! They aren’t limited to women either. The nipples have a tremendous amount of nerve endings and are very important when it comes to stimulation. Incorporating nipple play in your solo play elevates the whole experience to a different level.


Most people will agree that introducing a toy to the bedroom when you’re alone or with a partner can greatly increase the amount of pleasure. But why limit yourself to one toy? Using different toys for different purposes helps stimulate different areas, resulting in the full body experience you never knew you needed. Check out our shop for some great new ideas.


Hardly anyone ever really thinks about setting a mood when you’re talking about masturbation. But when you think about it, mood lighting, music and ambiance help create the experience as a whole, so why limit yourself to setting the mood for your partner? Give yourself that warm and romantic vibe for an evening to yourself.


Sure, we’ve all felt the need for a quick fix every now and then. But if you’ve got nothing else going on, why not give yourself an even stronger orgasm by delaying it? Take your time, remember to breathe, and just bask in the pleasure you’re giving yourself. That way, the build up is guaranteed to result in an absolutely explosive finale. The best part about pacing is that you don’t even have to stop at one (if you know what we mean).


Obviously, you’re going to need something to get you going. Most people may turn to porn, but it results in a very impersonal experience. Use your imagination and let it fuel things. Putting yourself in a sexy mental situation only makes it feel all the more better. Whether you’re imagining that sexy guy on television or your significant other, it’s sure to get you to where you need to go.


Author: Nicole Y

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