GOING FOR THE GOLD: Sex Among Athletes


With the 2016 Olympic Games ongoing, it seemed only fitting that we write about something that relates to them. But of course, in true Primal Juice fashion, there is one particular aspect that we’d like to cover: sex before playing sports.


In the 2012 London Olympics, it was announced that the International Olympic Committee distributed about 150, 000 condoms to the athletes. While this was done as a precautionary measure, it did raise a few questions regarding the implications of it all. Several of the world’s best athletes have admitted to the Olympic Village doubling as both a competitive stage and a ground for finding sexual relations among competitors and volunteers.


Over the years, several different studies have been conducted, primarily based on one of two different hypotheses: that having sex before competing in sports improves performance, and that abstaining from sex before competing in sports improves performance. In the same ways, the inverse of both hypotheses may also be applicable wherein either engaging in or abstaining from sexual activity before sports results in a lowered quality of performance in sports and competitions.


Around the 50’s and 60’s, the answer to the questions would have been very simple: that sex diminishes a player’s performance. Some of those era’ s athletes have even admitted to being exposed to substances and chemicals that inhibited sexual arousal and performance before a big game. However, this was done due to a lack of knowledge and research.


In actuality, sex has been proven to improve the performance of sports competitors. Experts state that it helps one feel relaxed and sexually, mentally and physically satisfied. It has also been noted that sex significantly reduces an athlete’s anxiety levels before an important match. Athletes have even confessed to the reality of sexual encounters being a good means of distracting the mind, saving it from mental fatigue – which can be more dangerous than physical fatigue.


While sex has been proven to have significant effects on athlete psyche and anxiety, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that sex either directly increases or decreases performance. However, given that large sports competitions involve a significant amount of mental preparation and stability, it can be said that having sex prior to a match is more ideal than remaining abstinent. So, athletes, why not prepare for a competition with a little pre-game fun?


Author: Nicole Y

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