SEX STATISTICS: How Do You Measure Up?

People have long succumbed to the need for conformity. A majority of people remain fixated on the trends when it comes to food, clothing, and activity, all in the pursuit of being seen as “normal”. But what’s really normal when it comes to sex? Are some people just naturally kinkier or more active than others? Are others simply more conservative or just generally lazier? Who has really set the standard norm when it comes to sexual activity and/or deviance?

Despite the sheer numbers of the people asking the same questions, very few have pursued their answers. What most discover is that they often differ from the reported statistical averages. These differences may be anywhere among the ranges of frequency of sexual activity and masturbation, to the kind of role playing activities enjoyed by individuals.

However, who’s to say that these points of comparison truly are the standard when it comes to being considered “average”? These statistics are generally based on a wide range of responses with a significant amount of variability. The truth is, no matter how far you may find yourself in relation to the average, you probably still fall within the range that scientists would consider to be normal.

With that being said, the statistics to follow are strictly just averages, which does not necessarily mean that it’s the requirement for being normal. If your numbers are slightly larger, slightly smaller, or smack in the middle, chances are you’re just as normal as everyone else.


  • First Kiss (with tongue): somewhere between the ages of 12-14
  • First Masturbation: between the ages of 11-13
  • First Sexual Intercourse: about 17
  • First Anal Sex Experience: between the ages of 20-25


  • Average Penis Length: 3.6 inches flaccid, 5.16 inches erect
  • Average Penis Girth: 3.67 inches flaccid, 4.59 inches erect
  • Average Breast Size: 34DD as of 2013, compared to 34B


  • How often people have sex: average of 103 times per year
  • How often men masturbate: between 1-3 times a week
  • How often women masturbate: about once a week


  • Average Number of Sexual Partners for Men (by age 59): about seven
  • Average Number of Sexual Partners for Women (by age 59): about four


Keep in mind that these statistics have been based on samples that may not necessarily represent your own culture, upbringing, or conditions. How do you measure up? How far below, above, or smack down the middle are you in comparison to the average?


Author: Nicole Y

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